Webhooks (Version 1)

Webhooks are sent based on certain events happening within Piano that affect a user's access to a resource. These access events are grouped into three categories - granting, modifying, and revoking.

Granting Events

new_purchase - Triggered whenever a new purchase is made. The purchase amount must be greater than zero for this event to be fired. For free trials, the payment_verified event is sent.

payment_verified - Triggered whenever Piano successfully authorizes a credit card, but actual payment is not collected at checkout. If the payment amount is greater than zero, the new_purchase event is sent.

free_promo_redemption - Triggered whenever someone gets 100% free access as the result of a promo code being applied to a non-recurring, fixed-time term.

new_registration_conversion - Triggered whenever someone gets free access as the result of completing the registration term - i.e. registers on your website in return for 24 hours of access.

free_access_granted - Triggered whenever a dashboard admin user grants free access to a user.

Modifying Events

access_modified - Triggered whenever a publisher modifies access that is not associated with a recurring subscription from the dashboard.

grace_period_extension - Triggered by Piano when we extend a user's access by one day because the user is entitled to more access due to being in a grace period.

subscription_updated - Triggered when a publisher modifies the next bill date of a subscription, which will modify the access end date.

subscription_auto_renewed - Triggered by Piano when we successfully renew a user's subscription and extend their access by the billing period.

Revoking Access

access_revoked - Triggered when a publisher revokes access that is not associated with a recurring subscription from the dashboard or via the API. This event is also sent when the subscription_ended event is sent.

subscription_ended - This is a special event triggered by Piano when a user's subscription ends if the publisher is using version 1 of webhooks. The ended event can be the result of expiration, cancellation, or auto renew failure.