Meter State

The Meter State represents the overall health of any Paywalls that a publisher has running on a site. The graphs present at-a-glance information about how a Paywall is performing for publishers that are using a Paywall.

Paywall Meter State

The first presentation is a simple pie-chart, showing the overall totals for the meters, including expirations and logins.


This is the total number of users that have hit the threshold for free views of a particular paywall meter.

Logged in

This is the total number of users that are logged in, either to VX (for VX-Go users) or through the publisher’s user access system.


This is the total number of active paywall meters at any given moment. Theoretically, there is all active meters.

State of running meters

In the meter object, there is a meters.views property that says, “How many views has a browser seen on any given meter?” The graph shows how many times a viewer has encountered the meter.

Not Started

Not Started refers to the total number of items that are metered and cookied, but have not been counted yet as a view.

1-N View

This refers to the total number of views a meter has gathered. The total of 1-N Views for a given period should equal the total number of Running meters.