Payment provider

With Piano VX, you can either leverage your own payment provider or use Piano Accounts.

If you are not using Piano Accounts, you will need to establish a relationship with a payment provider. Piano easily implements with Braintree Payments and we recommend setting up an account with them. Braintree is a PayPal company.

Piano Accounts

When using Piano Accounts, you don't need to setup your own account with a payment provider. Instead, you can go through the Piano approval process and quickly be up and running. In this case, users will login and checkout using their Piano account. Piano will be responsible for chargebacks and payouts.

Piano VX with Braintree Payments

Given an existing account with Braintree, account information can be input in the dashboard by choosing Edit Business → Payment Provider → Add new.

You will need to have the following information ready to enter into the form fields and save:

  • Title - that you would like this configuration to be known as (for your use in VX only)
  • Public key - your Braintree public key
  • Private key - your Braintree private key
  • Merchant ID - your Merchant ID with Braintree
  • Client Key - your Client Key with Braintree
  • Paypal Support Enabled - slide the selector to enable or disable
  • Currencies - you will need to select the currencies that are to be supported with this account along with corresponding merchant account id(s)
  • Descriptor - according to Braintree standards, this will determine how transaction charges will be seen on customer financial statements. The descriptor is pulled from your Braintree configuration on every transaction, so every new payment always reflects the current descriptor.

Additionally, be sure to fill out the “Braintree user statement phone” field under the “Business” tab of “Edit Business.”

After saving this configuration, you should be enabled to process payments with Braintree within Piano VX.


The Client Service team is happy to assist you in integrating Worldpay with your website and walk you through the process of making your first basic test payments to activating live payments on your production environment.

Here are the requirements to setup a Worldpay account and create a testing environment. To setup a new account, you must:

1. Contact a Worldpay Implementation Manager to receive your Prerequisite information:

2. Contact Piano Client Services and we will configure your information within your dashboard. Please have available your:

  • Prerequisite Information
  • XML Password
  • Currencies Selection
  • Alternative Payment Methods