Cookie Descriptions

For the purposes of properly recognizing users when they return to our clients sites or respond to their campaigns, Piano VX and AI set several cookies. All cookies set by Piano software are first-party. This document fully describes those persistent first-party cookies and their uses.

Name: __tbc
Value: a unique ID for the browser and an encrypted string of URLs, including the last twenty URLs viewed, or all URLs viewed over the last thirty days, whichever number is greater.
Expiration: 730 days
Purpose: the Browser Cookie enables the AI product to observe individual browsers over time as they visit our client’s site. We use this data to build reports for clients on site usage. In addition, storing recently visited URLs will enable us to perform segmentation in Piano VX when we next encounter that user, without causing an additional call to the server, e.g. to show a particular offer to users who have consumed 2 entertainment stories within 30 days.

Name: umc_[a unique paywall identifier]
Value: [Pageviews spent, pageviews left] in a metered paywall
Expiration: the Meter Cookie is set to expire on the date the pay meter should reset.
Purpose: in the cases of a client deploying a metered paywall with Piano, we set a persistent cookie to keep track of their meter count. The cookie expires at the end of the meter period, if the meter is set to provide 10 free views every 30 days, the meter would expire 30 days after the first time we saw that browser.

This cookie will be deprecated in the future and will be replaced by the below Experience Cookie.

Name: xbc
Value: N/A – only used by Piano
Expiration: controlled by Piano and doesn’t really expire.
Purpose: the Experience Cookie stores encrypted data used by Piano’s Composer product.

Name: __tac
Value: JSON formatted data
Expiration: controlled by Piano and doesn’t expire.
Purpose: the Token Access List Cookie contains the resources that a user has access to and the expiration time of that access. It can be decrypted and read by the publisher as one way to check user access to resources.

Name: __ut
Value: N/A – only used by Piano
Expiration: controlled by Piano and doesn’t expire.
Purpose: the User Token Cookie stores encrypted data used by Piano’s VX User Accounts.

Name: __tpcc_[campaign code value]
Value: timestamp when campaign code was observed
Expiration: 90 days
Purpose: whenever Tinypass.js (Piano’s Javascript code) encounters a campaign code in the URL string (“banner_campaign”) it places that campaign code into a cookie with a 90-day expiration period. We use that campaign code to report on how many users responded to that campaign and how many users converted against offers on the publisher's site.