How it works

You can install Piano and get it up and running in no time using the following tools:

  • Composer: Composer lets publishers create and deliver experiences for their customers based on a variety of scenarios, rules, triggers and conditions.
  • JavaScript: Our JavaScript paywall allows you to configure meter options with an easy-to-use graphic user interface. Once finished, simply copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript into the head tag of your page to get up and running. You can further fine tune your paywall using callbacks, multiple meters and geofenced targeting.
  • Webhooks: Webhooks are an easy way to keep your local database in sync with Piano's. Every time a user creates, modifies or cancels a subscription, our system sends an encrypted packet to your database with the modification, ensuring your local database has all the information you need to properly manage your users' access rights.
  • Templates: We provide you with a variety of easy-to-customize templates that you can use to communicate with your users. They include everything from the types of offers you wish to show your customers to notifications confirming payment or notification of an expiring subscription. You can even set up templates to show different marketing messages to different audience segments within multivariate testing.
  • User Accounts: We integrate with a lot of different databases but it is very important that you know where your user database is stored prior to integration. Once you have answered that, it is a snap to tell our JavaScript code that you are using Piano Accounts and the rest is taken care of automatically.
  • Dashboard: Our dashboard lets you easily take control of your users, managing accounts, payments and subscription lengths. Another dashboard lets you create marketing promotions and generate promotional codes.
  • Reports: Learn how your paywall is performing and glean other valuable insights into the performance of your offerings. Discover how with these reporting documents.
  • WordPress Plugin: If you are using WordPress, our WordPress plugin lets you put your content behind your paywall directly from your WordPress dashboard. Please get in touch with us for the Piano VX WordPress plugin.
  • OAuth: With OAuth you can authenticate and authorize your web, mobile and desktop applications to safely gain the credentials of your user’s information.
  • Drupal Plugin: If you're using Drupal 7, our Drupal plugin lets you put your content behind your paywall directly from your Drupal dashboard. Please get in touch with us for the Piano VX Drupal plugin.