Piano Environments

Production and Sandbox

Piano has two environments โ€“ a test, or sandbox environment โ€“ and a production environment from where you will manage your live instance of Piano. We encourage you to create an account in both environments. Typically, businesses use the sandbox environment for development and QA/Staging and production for their production environment.

For the test environment, please register here - https://sandbox.tinypass.com/register
For the live environment, please register here - https://dashboard.tinypass.com/register

[Note that the application ID, API token, and private key are not the same in each environment.]

Upgrading your account

Once you have registered for an account, speak with your account rep to make sure you are upgraded to VX. You will be assigned the three critical credentials necessary to begin configuring Piano to your business case - an Application ID, an API Token and a Private Key.

Application ID: The Application ID, which uniquely identifies your site within Piano, is needed to connect your Piano account with any external systems such as WordPress.

API Token: Your API token allows for secure communication between your server and our API.

Private Key: Your private key is a security code that is specific to you and is used to encrypt messages passed between your site and Piano.