Email reporting

The email reporting pie chart shows the percentage of sent emails that were opened, bounced and unopened by week, month and quarter. Below the graph there are detailed email statistics including email type, number sent, number delivered, bounce rate, number opened and open rate.


This is the date range for the report, based on a simple start and end date by day.

Email Type

This is the email template that was used to send the data. This organizes the information for display.


This is the total number of emails of the type sent out to the given email list.


This is the total number of emails that ended up in a person’s inbox.

Bounce Rate

This represents the bounce rate for the emails. This is calculated by subtracting the the sent rate from the delivered rate, then dividing by the sent rate. This creates the bounce rate percentage.


This represents the open rate of the emails.

Open Rate Percentage

This is calculated by dividing the total open emails by the delivered emails. This creates the open rate percentage.