Download as CSV

Clicking this button will cause the information displayed on the screen to download. A few additional fields are available in the Downloaded version of the Transaction Log.

Customer (Searchable)

This is the email address of the user who made a purchase. This field is searchable within the GUI.


This is the date and time that the transaction occurred, presented in dd/MM/YYYY hh:MM format, including timezone.

ID (Searchable)

This is the unique user ID of the given customer.


This is the ID of the Term the user purchased.

Price (Searchable)

This is the amount the customer paid for the Term.

Payment Source

This is the last 4 digits of a user's credit/debit card.


This is the expiration date of the given subscription.

Additional fields in Download as .csv Report

All of the fields presented in the GUI are available in the downloaded report. There are also a few additional fields available.


Status represents the current value for the transaction. Completed means that the payment has passed through without issue. Refund means that the particular transaction was refunded.

Term name

Term name is the plain language name of the term. Each Term name maps to a Term ID.


Price has a slightly different format in the downloaded .csv than the GUI. Instead of displaying a currency symbol, the 3 digit currency code is placed next to the value paid. This means that a spreadsheet can't automatically add up this number.

Payment source type

Payment source type is the type of credit card used in the transaction.