Download Center

The Download Center is where certain reports available for download are populated. Reports generated in the User mining and Inquiries sections are populated in the Download Center for use. All of the reports available in the Download Center are available as .csv.

What do the items in GUI do?

The Search field in the Download Center lets you search against the Report Titles that are available for download. Report Title is the only searchable field.

X of Y

This is the total number of reports available for download.

Arrow Buttons

The Arrow Buttons let you scroll through all of the available reports.

'Three Bars'

Clicking this will trigger the report to rerun itself and recalculate.

Report Title

This is the name generated for the report. These are system generated values. At present, the name of the report is generated by date with a time stamp. The Report Title won't necessarily reflect whether it was generated from the User mining or Inquiries section.

Search Criteria

This is a summary of some of the basic search criteria used to generate the User mining or Inquiries report.

Date of Report

This is the Date and Time that the report was generated. The value for the date and time should match the Report Title.


This is an indicator of whether the User mining or Inquires report is available for download. Typically, these reports need some processing time in order to generate. When the Status is Completed, the report is available for Download.


If the Status of the Report is completed, the report will be available for Download. Clicking this will trigger the report to download to the user's computer.

Trash Can Icon

Clicking this will delete the report from the download center. This deletion is permanent.