Also referred to as the Dashboard, Publisher Dashboard, and Publisher Home page, the Dashboard offers a quick view of a customer’s basic financial performance with Piano.


This displays the currency against which each line item is reported. If there are multiple currency offers available, they will be displayed here.


This shows everyone who has purchased something. This calculation is based on each unique customer within the transaction list. Customers are counted only once. NOTE: Because of the definition of purchase, anyone who has taken a promotional item of $0.00 (but not made a purchase of $0.01 or greater) does not count towards this total.


This shows the total number of paid transactions. A single customer may have multiple purchase transactions. A single purchase transaction may have multiple terms in it. While this is called Transaction, it is not a transaction list. Rather, it’s a list of every paid transaction. The calculation is based on a search of every transaction that is greater than $0.00. NOTE: Because of the definition of purchase, any transaction that is less than $0.01 doesn’t count towards this total. In addition, refunds are not included in this total.


This shows all gross sales. This calculation totals every paid Piano transaction made during the lifetime of the account.

Available Balance

Total funds currently available for payout.