Address Collection


Address Collection allows publishers to collect delivery addresses in the checkout phase when their customers are purchasing print products. A publisher can also submit the address data—available in the Subscription Log—to a print fulfillment service to complete the delivery of the print product to their customers.

How to set up Address Collection

To start collecting delivery addresses on a print product, a publisher has to perform two actions:

  1. Set up a Delivery Zone
  2. Configure Address Collection on Term

How to Set up a Delivery Zone

Delivery Zone is an area named and defined by the publisher that indicates where the publisher can deliver their print products. For example, if the publisher’s fulfillment service delivers to the following countries: France, Lebanon and Senegal, you may want to define a Delivery Zone as EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

How to name and define a Delivery Zone

The publisher must name the Delivery Zone and then add the countries they will delivery to (disclaimer: the current version of address collection only includes Country). Step by step instructions are provided below:

  1. Click « edit business » on the dashboard
  2. Select Delivery Zone located on the navigation bar.
  3. Click 'New' to create a new Delivery Zone.
  4. Name your Delivery Zone
  5. Select coverage area for your named Delivery Zone by choosing a country or multiple countries

How to configure Address Collection on Term

To configure Address Collection Publishers must create a new Term or enable Address Collection on an existing Term. Please note, that Terms are unique to the Delivery Zone of each product. Publishers wanting to sell products to multiple Delivery Zones will have to create multiple Terms (e.g. Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, Southeast Asia) for the same product. Step by step instructions are provided below:

  1. Select or create the payment Term that will be configured with address collection.
  2. Check “Collect Address for this Term” checkbox.
  3. Add Delivery Zone(s) that apply to this Term.
  4. * Select the Default Country per Delivery Zone (Required).
  5. Click Save

* An end user who does not exist in one of the selected Delivery Zones or who is from a region that is exempt will see the default Delivery Zone.

Address Collection Template (VX Dashboard)

Publishers can customize the HTML on the Address Collection Template. The template is exposed within the System under the Template section in VX. The Address Collection template is located in the following file structure: Manage > Templates > System > Print Address Collect Screen.

Address Collection Form (Publisher Checkout)

The Address Collection form is available to end users during the checkout experience. The geo-ip of the end user will determine the country-specific address form that is displayed.

The only field on the Address Collection form that changes from country to country is the State/Province drop down selection. For example, if the USA is a country in a Delivery Zone and the end user’s geo-ip is the USA, then all 50 states are displayed in the State/Province drop down menu.

However, if Canada is one of the countries in the same Delivery Zone and the user’s geo-ip is Canada, then the Canadian provinces are exposed in the State/Province drop down selection.

As a safety measure, the publisher can select which country should be the default in the address collection form. This is located on the Term level.

Address Collection data field in Subscription Report (VX Dashboard)

Address data collected on print products are stored inside the Subscription Log. The subscription log is found under the reports menu on the main navigational bar. There is an additional column that contains the full address data in the Subscription log. Using this report, a publisher can extract the address data to submit to a print fulfillment house.