Action Manager

The Action Manager feature allows you to edit or delete scheduled actions for a group of users and to view a history of the term-transfers that have been executed. One way publishers are using Action Manager is to change the pricing Terms on a Show Offer template and communicate the change to their subscribers without requiring them to sign-up for the new offer.

For example, if a publisher has previously created an offer to purchase a one-month subscription to their newsletter and they want to increase revenue by changing the price, Action Manager will allow them to communicate the change in pricing and automatically transfer the term requirement to their existing subscribers when their current subscription ends.

Step Action Image
1. To access Action Manager, click manage from the top navigation bar and choose Action manager from the dropdown
2. Click on Schedule new action on the next screen. This screen will show if no actions have been scheduled.
3. Set the date and time that you would like the new term to start.
4. Select the current and the new term. Note that the new term must have the same resource, term type, and billing plan as the original to be available for selection.
5. Then write an optional email to notify subscribers of a change in their subscription.
6. Click Create.
7. The next screen will list the scheduled transfers and the emails to be sent. You can also initiate several other tasks from this screen. The History link will show you past executed actions. The pencil icon located on the individual transfers will take you back to the edit transfer screen. The ellipse will allow you to delete the transfer. And the Schedule New Action button will let you schedule a new transfer.