Piano is a suite of easy to use digital tools that allow publishers to manage access to their premium content without changing their site's existing structure.

Our flexible platform can be used to monetize your digital content in a way that makes sense for your site and your audience. Charge for access to one piece of content or an entire section and easily adjust your approach based on audience response.

Not a developer? Not a problem. We have a WordPress plugin and other simple integrations that make getting up and running with Piano easy and intuitive.

Piano dashboard

The Piano dashboard brings together the Piano products (Composer, VX, AI, ID) in an easy to use interface. From the dashboard you can manage your business model, communicate with customers, analyze and export data and plug in third party payment, registration and data systems.

Your brand

Your brand and voice are the reason that people love your site and we don’t want to do anything to distract your audience. Therefore, Piano products are completely white-labeled, with a look and feel customized by you.

The business engine powering premium publishing

Whether you’re selling memberships, putting up a paywall, charging for pay-per-view videos or just providing incentives for behaviors like registering or viewing an ad, you’ll want to create consistent experiences for your users and have full transparency into their behavior. Piano products can be used to manage your business rules, subscribers and access privileges seamlessly across platforms while reporting on all of your results.

Dynamic business models: what is a value exchange?

The audience for digital content is composed of different user segments that agree to different “value exchanges” in return for access to premium content, offers, and experiences. Paying for content – metered or hard paywalls, pay-per-view video or downloads – is just one value exchange that Piano supports. We also enable “datawalls,” site or email newsletter signups, in exchange for premium access and value exchanges for social sharing or video advertising.


With users migrating to mobile in droves, Piano has you covered with responsive design, in-app integration and the ability to authenticate registered or paid users across platforms.


Our powerful and flexible RESTful API enables publishers to implement innovative business models. More than a tool simply for developers, we have extended our platform to the marketing and business departments of your organization via the Piano Publisher Dashboard. Using a set of intuitive, elegant templates, creating business models that once required teams of developers is now as easy as dragging and dropping cards onto a canvas.